Living Churchyard

The Churchyard

The churchyard surrounding the lovely old church of St Giles Totternhoe has been, and will continue to be, an attractive and nature friendly area to visit for some well-earned peace and quiet; a place for all, perhaps to bring the children to spot wildlife, have a picnic or just sit and meditate, take some time to think of what is really important in your life.

We have incorporated within the church grounds areas that we hope will encourage wildlife. We have installed bird boxes, bird feeding stations, hedgehog boxes, insect houses, log piles as well as a beautiful stumpery and fenced pond for our amphibian friends. Come along and see the frogs who reside in the stumpery and tadpoles living in the pond in the spring.

To date the churchyard is maintained by a team of three dedicated volunteers. To move forward and evolve we would appreciate some extra help so if you would be willing please contact Mike Brooks 01582 662644. Thank you.